What is "Buy Now, Personalize Later?"

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Buy Now, Personalize Later lets you take advantage of a promotional offer, even if you're not ready to print your cards yet. 

To place a Buy Now, Personalize Later order:
  1. Find your favorite card design* and click "Personalize"
  2. Apply as much (or as little) customization as desired
  3. Once you reach the "Preview" page, click "Buy Now, Personalize Later"
You'll be prompted to confirm your Buy Now, Personalize Later selection. Then, you can proceed to checkout.

Once you're ready to complete your design, it will be waiting in your Minted orders page. Make any changes to the images, text, colors, and other design elements. The only thing you cannot change is the card design you selected during checkout. 

*NOTE: Buy Now, Personalize Later is only available for select, seasonal items.
TitleWhat is "Buy Now, Personalize Later?"
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